Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ron says that I'm overreacting to the whole near-electrocution incident. He claims that he stuck something in an outlet as a child, and although "it's something you only do once", he lived to tell the story. Hmm, you know...that might explain that weird glow. And that zzzztt sound whenever a mosquito lands on him.

I'm not too sure I trust him when it comes to matters electric, though. You see, a few years ago, I decided to put a garden in the back yard. There's a shed in the back, and the previous owners ran an underground electrical wire from the garage to the shed. At some point, Ron chopped the wire off where it ran into the shed. Since he was able to do that without incident, and the fact that the frayed end had been exposed to the elements for years, he was convinced there was no power in that line. Like a lamb to the slaughter the trusting wife that I am, I started tilling. When I was a few feet away from the shed, I felt a jolt. Hmm, I thought, I must have hit a rock. I picked up the tiller and moved it a few inches, thinking I'd be clear of the rock. Another jolt, stronger than the first. Wow, that must be a really big rock, I thought. I picked up the tiller again, and moved it a couple of feet away. ZZZTTTT!!!! That's when I finally realized that I was getting shocked. That and the fact that I could smell scorched hair (kidding about that part, of course).

I guess getting shocked is not necessarily "something you only do once". At least not if you're me.

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Colleen said...

Yeah, you always were a slow learner. ;) Hope you get your garden going again soon, you can come over and help me make jams and jelly anytime!