Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I don't even like typing out this story, but I'm hoping Sammy will read this someday and it will help him to understand why I have a head full of grey hairs.

We've been remodeling the basement, and over the weekend Ron was nailing up baseboard in one of the completed rooms. Sammy was very interested in the process and wanted to help, so he kept following Ron and trying to put nails in the holes that Ron had drilled in the wood. That was all fine and good, but then yesterday I went downstairs to clean up all the drywall dust in that room, and Sammy followed me. I turned around just in time, to see him about to stick a stray nail into the wall socket! Every other outlet in that room has outlet protectors, but I think Ron removed those protectors to use the sander, and they never got replaced. Believe me, they are back in now. I keep thinking about how close Sammy came to getting electrocuted - what if I had turned around 10 seconds later! - I can't even go there. I know I scared Sammy, too, because he almost started crying. Usually he ignores me when I lecture him, but he could tell how freaked out I was over this whole thing!

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