Monday, January 7, 2008

Random acts of cuteness

Natalie recently started cooing. When she does this, she gets very animated, as though she’s carrying on a conversation. Over the weekend, she was doing this, and I said to Sam, “What do you think she’s saying?” I should have known he’d have a ready response. His answer: “Dirty diapers.”

There are a lot of birthdays right now in Sam’s toddler room at daycare. He’ll turn 2 on Wednesday; his friend M turns 2 today, and his friend A turns 2 on Thursday. They must have had a birthday party last week for another child as well, because yesterday Sam was digging in the garbage can in our office. He pulled out a rolled-up piece of cardboard, placed it on top of his head, and declared it a “birthday hat”.

He does keep us laughing.

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