Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun at the doctor's office

I just remembered I don’t have to work on Monday! That’s one of the best feelings in the world – finding out you have an unexpected day off. It’s not quite as nice of a feeling as your toddler saying “I love you” and requesting a kiss, or your baby smiling and squealing with delight at just seeing your face, but it’s pretty close to the top of my list.

The kids both had well-baby checks yesterday. That was, um…interesting. Sammy panicked and refused to get undressed. After much cajoling and the promise of a sucker when we were all done, we finally got him weighed and measured. When I put Natalie on the scale, she piddled all over the scale and herself. She was tired because she hadn’t napped in over three hours, so she started crying while I was cleaning her up and getting her dressed again. While trying to calm Sammy down and convince him to cooperate, I was trying to keep the binky in Natalie’s mouth and jiggle her to sleep. She finally drifted off, just as it was her turn to be examined by the doctor. And then it was time for the dreaded shots. Natalie screamed so hard her face was practically purple. And Sammy, who didn’t hardly flinch when he got his flu shot a couple of months ago, freaked out and tensed up his leg so tightly that the nurse warned us there was probably going to be extensive bruising. At one time all that chaos would have made me want to gouge my eyeballs out. Now, that’s what I’m most comfortable with – because if it’s too quiet, I know there must be trouble brewing somewhere in Toddlerville.

For some odd reason, Sammy decided the pediatrician's name was Dr. Snowman. Don't ask - I have no idea!

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Colleen said...

Oh wow, that does not sound like a fun trip. Hope next time goes a little better for you!