Monday, June 2, 2008

Lost: SANITY. Big reward for safe return.

Natalie is now fully mobile. She started crawling, haltingly, about a week ago, but over the weekend she figured out that she can really get places now. Couple that with the fact that she pulls up on everything, and you get trouble. Case in point: this morning, while I was trying to get ready for work, she went over to an end table, pulled herself up, and flung every last magazine on the floor. Then she followed me into the kitchen, opened a cabinet, and pulled out a stack of heavy pots and pans, narrowly avoiding smashing her teeny-tiny toes in the process. This is all in the space of ten minutes. This was an exhausting weekend. Not just for me, though. She tired herself out so much yesterday that she fell asleep in her high chair while we were still eating supper. She didn't even twitch a muscle when I took her to her room, changed her diaper, put on her pajamas, and placed her in her crib.

Even scarier? When she pulls herself up, she lets go and balances for up to 10 seconds at a time. Um, if I remember correctly, that means walking is not too far off. I had really hoped that Sammy would be a better listener (i.e. less likely to take off running in the parking lot) before she started walking, but it looks like I'm not going to be that lucky.

One of our recent craft projects was making suncatchers. They were really easy and used materials that I had around the house. Details and instructions to come later tonight. The pictures are still on my camera. For some odd reason, I didn't have any time this weekend to do anything except CHASE THE CHILDREN.

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