Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Every Saturday morning that we're in town, we take the kids to the library. The one we go to has a great kids' section, with lots of toys in addition to the books. The kids love to climb in and out of the fire engine - just large enough for the two kids to sit in - and take turns wearing the firefighter's helmet. I always like to put on a puppet show for the kids, using some of the many puppets the library has on hand for their weekly storytime. And, of course, we read books while snuggled into a bean bag chair.

Sammy, being all boy, is going through a tractor/truck/train phase right now. So this past week, we collected about a dozen books on various forms of transportation to check out. His favorite? Garbage Trucks. We had to read that book about 5 times at the library, and another 5 times that evening when we got home. And, every night before bed, he's requested that book.

On Sunday, Natalie and I were home alone for a little while. She was crawling around on the floor, exploring and playing with toys, while I read the newspaper on the couch. Soon, I saw her little head pop up as she pulled herself up on the couch to say "hi". Then I saw she had a book clutched in her hand - The ABC's of Cookies, starring Cookie Monster. "Ah-bah!" she said excitedly, waving the book around. "Do you want to read that book?" I asked, and she nodded her head, squirming in anticipation.

It's so rewarding to see that my effort to instill the love of books in them seems to be paying off. I can only hope that they continue to enjoy reading as much as they do right now.

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Carol Beth said...

I feel like you--I am so glad my daughter loves her books, and boy do I hope it stays that way. It's a lot harder to get bored as a kid when you like reading. Good for you for showing them how fun reading can be!!!

Oh, and Ana loves trucks, cars, construction equipment, etc., too.