Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Craft day! Suncatchers

Today's art project is sun-catchers.  

Materials needed: clear contact paper
glitter, sequins, tissue paper, or any other small colorful accessories

Cut two smallish equally-sized pieces of the contact paper.

Peel the sticky backing off of one of the pieces.

Here's where the toddler comes in.  I find it helpful to keep mine busy doing something else during the previous steps.  Otherwise I'm likely to find that he's decorated his bedroom with baby powder in the meantime.

Decorate the sticky side of the contact paper with glitter, glitter pens, crumpled tissue squares, sequins, etc.
Peel the paper off of the other piece of contact paper, and stick it to the decorated piece.

You can leave it as is, or cut it into a fun shape.  We went with a heart this time.  

To hang in the window, use a paper punch to punch a hole in the top, loop a string through, and use a suction cup to fasten it to the window.

A variation on this idea:  Using a single piece of contact paper, have your child paint a picture With finger paints or another washable paint, of course (but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that).  After the paint is dry, cut around the design, peel the paper off the back, and stick directly to the window.  It comes off the window easily when you're ready to take it down, even after 6 months.  Not that I've left one up that long.  OF COURSE I wash my windows more than that.

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