Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breaking News

Not ten minutes ago, Sammy came out into the living room and proudly announced, "I go poop in the potty!" Not believing him, I said, "You went poop, or did you just go potty?" He repeated, "I go poop!" Still not believing, I said, "You went poop in the potty chair or in your diaper?" By this point, he was getting exasperated and he said, "I go POOP in the POTTY CHAIR!" I got up to look, and sure enough, he did!

Ron said, "I have to say, that is so much easier to clean up than a dirty diaper. Just one wipe and that's it." Five minutes later, the turd was still in the potty chair, and guess who ended up dumping it in the toilet and cleaning it? NOT Mr. It-Is-So-Much-Easier-To-Clean-Up-This-Way.

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