Thursday, May 29, 2008

I keep a spray bottle of water on the bathroom sink for taming my hair in the morning. Since the water sits in the bottle for a few days at a time, I don't allow Sammy to drink it, although he has to try at least once a day. This morning, he'd only been awake for a few minutes when he crept into the bathroom, quickly snatched the bottle, and made a run for it. I followed and caught up with him in the living room, where he had already unscrewed the top and was just about to take a big swig. When he saw me coming, he dumped the water all over the living room floor, evidently deciding that was a good way to hide the evidence. Unfortunately, he miscalculated my position and I witnessed the whole thing. Today's accomplishment: he set a new personal record for quickest wake-up-to-first-time-out-of-the-day. And I got to mop up water from the living room carpet at 5:30 a.m.


When I left for work, I slipped on my shoes and noticed that one felt a little strange. And the heel felt lower than the other one. Oddly, I jumped to the conclusion that my shoes were wearing unevenly. It wasn't until I was in the garage that I noticed I was wearing two different shoes. Worse yet, they were both for the left foot.


Lastly, we are now in week 6 of a nursing strike. I've been putting forth my best effort at pumping to maintain my supply, but it is just not possible to pump in the afternoon and evenings, when both kids are awake, so Natalie has been having a lot of formula lately and my supply has been crashing. I've been very disappointed that our nursing relationship seems to be coming to an end already, but had decided that it would be okay. After all, I've been nursing most of the past 2 1/2 years, and it would be nice to no longer have to worry about what I eat and drink, or what medications or herbs I might take. Then last night, I had to deal with constipation (Natalie) for the first time ever. Now I am torn again over my decision. I've decided to put forth one last effort to regain my supply and today I'm popping fenugreek pills like candy. I know that there's nothing wrong with formula, and lots of kids have thrived on it, but I feel very disappointed at the thought of not making it to my one-year goal with Natalie. And since Sammy nursed until he was 16 months old, I feel guilty over not doing the same for her. Wish me luck.

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