Thursday, May 8, 2008

My fingers are crossed that the nice weather is finally here to stay. I decided to take a chance and start planting the garden yesterday. All I have done so far is two rows of peas. It's quite slow-going when you have a "helper" and a "fusser".

Natalie was ready for a nap, but Sammy was being too loud and she couldn't go to sleep, so I decided to bring her outside and hope for the best. I got her set up on her blanket with a boatload of toys, a binky, and a bottle. Then I hoed my row and showed Sammy how to plant the peas. He likes to dance to the beat of his own drummer, though, so instead of planting the peas in rows the way I showed him, he decided little piles of peas were better. Meaning, of course, that I had to follow behind him, stealthily picking up his peas without him seeing what I was doing, and replant them properly.

Since peas are one of his favorite vegetables, he then decided he wanted to eat some. I explained that they weren't good to eat yet; that we needed to plant them, wait for them to grow, and then we could eat them. He tried one anyway, and was decidedly unimpressed. He decided to go check out the woodpile instead.

While he was over there, Natalie started fussing. "I'll be right there, sweetie! I'm coming!" he called, and picked his way across the woodpile as quickly as he could. By the time I got my handful of peas planted, brushed the dirt off my hands, and got over to her, Sammy was helping her with her bottle. "Nye want her bottle," he informed me. Such a good helper. =)

After I finished covering the pea seeds with dirt, Sammy came over to inspect my work. "Peas ready to eat now?" he asked. If only it worked that way.

Next up: tomatoes and cucumbers. I think that will be as ambitious as I'm going to get this summer.

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