Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slow-Speed Chase

A couple of nights ago, Sammy was playing with the television remote. He likes to pause the TV and start it up again (DVR). Natalie thinks it's a hoot to tease him, so she went over and got the remote, then started tearing across the room as fast as she could go (which really isn't that fast).

Even though Sammy could have easily overpowered her, I was impressed to see him try his negotiating skills on her instead. He followed her, wailing, "Let's put it on the couch, Natalie. That would be a good idea!" over and over.

She giggled and giggled as she motored around the room, with him in hot pursuit. I debated about intervening since I knew there was a possibility things wouldn't end well, but the current scene was so hilarious that I couldn't catch my breath.

I am happy to say that the situation resolved without any tears, and I'm glad I gave them a chance to work it out on their own. I'm not sure exactly how it ended since I was laughing in the other room, but Sammy apparently refrained from using physical force to get his way, and I was very proud. And very entertained by the slow-speed chase I had just witnessed.

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