Monday, September 29, 2008

Hope on the Horizon

We took the kids to the park yesterday, and for some reason Sammy had it in his head that his daycare friends were going to be at the park, too. When I told him that they wouldn't be there, he said, "Well, maybe Nye will play with me instead."

And then, last night after we came home, Sammy said to Natalie, "Come on, Nye, let's go play in my room!"

Wow - could this be the beginning of a friendship?

(And an update - Sammy rarely hits, pushes, or otherwise bullies Natalie anymore! I can actually leave them alone in a room together for a couple of minutes without worrying about the consequences!)


Tabitha said...

Talk about exciting!

Colleen said...

You know you just jinxed yourself, right? I hope this keeps up though! Soon they will be causing lots of trouble - I mean having lots of fun together! =)