Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Six-Word Memoir

Mommy Vern tagged me (in this post) to write a six-word memoir. I tend to get a little....wordy, as you already know if you've read this blog for any length of time. I'm not sure if I've ever written a six-word sentence in my life, so this was a challenge!

Some intial thoughts:

Stressed Out, Trying to Find Balance
My Kids Are Driving Me Nuts
Calgon, Take Me Away (Pretty Please)
Looking for a Moment of Peace

As true as those might be, they don't really sum up who I am - and how I want people to remember me. After much thought, this is what I came up with:

Loving my Family While Seeking Enlightenment

I like this picture because it captures a moment in time with two of my favorite things - reading, and my children. I hope to pass on to them my passion of knowledge and learning.

Here's the rules to this game:

1. Write a six word memoir.
2. Post it to your blog, maybe with a pic.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag a few folks.
5. Leave a comment for them with an invite to play.

Colleen and Tabitha, wanna play?


Tabitha said...

I am up for it but yes will have to take a couple days, at least one to brainstorm.

Mommy Vern said...

I love ALL your memoirs! Your final one is a very noble task that I imagine takes a lifetime of loving through family. ;)

I especially loved- Stressed out, trying to find balance! This should be my motto these days! It's funny I actually thought about that Calgon commerical the other day- I can say now that I know where it was coming from when I heard it as a child!

Thanks for playing...what fun!

Colleen said...

Oh no, I have to think? I am up for the challenge, it might take me awhile to dust the cobwebs off my creativity though!

Carol Beth said...

Very nice--love the pic, too. That's a great blanket. :) Nice to see a picture of YOU!