Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fort Snelling

Alright, so this trip to Fort Snelling was two months ago, but like I said, I just got around to downloading my pictures from that camera.

For anyone who lives locally, this is a great place to take kids. I didn't think it would be, since it's all historical and educational and stuff, but all four of the kids (mine and my friend's two) enjoyed themselves. A little background: It's a historic fort, which served as an outpost from 1819-1839 in the then-wilderness of Minnesota. During the Civil War, it became a training center for the Union Army, and when the war was over, the regular Army returned. The fort was finally closed after World War II, and was declared Minnesota's first National Historic Landmark in 1960. Today it's open to the public, and costumed guides are located everywhere, and will tell you the history of each building. There's your history lesson for today.

And now, pictures.

The view from a balcony overlooking the Mississippi River:

The armory? It's been so long, I couldn't swear to that anymore.

The four kids.

I believe this was the fort's doctor's bedroom.

Sammy and his cousin in the fireplace in the soldiers' barracks.

The stairway leading down to the bathrooms. The doors on either side are parallel with the ground, in case you're trying to figure out the orientation of this picture.

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