Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm fighting off a little cold. Not too surprising, since both of the kids have had runny noses for the past two months. This is what it's come to - my life consists of wiping noses and butts.

To try and fend off the cold, I've been taking Zicam. It's these meltaway pills that come in a little tube with a non-childproof lid. This morning, I took one and put the tube back in my purse. Sammy went over to the purse, pulled out the tube and took the cap off. I told him that he couldn't play with those and took the tube back from him. He stood there, looking at me, and finally said, "I'm mad". I've never heard him say that before, so I was going through my mental Sammy-English dictionary to think what other word that could be. While I was thinking, he said again, "I'm you." No question about it that time.

It was funny this morning, but ask me again when he's a teenager.

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