Tuesday, February 12, 2008

After posting yesterday, I realized that it sounds like I’m making fun of a mentally handicapped man. To set the record straight – while Nehborhood Gofhur is not exactly the brightest cookie in the cookie jar*, he is not handicapped. Just…odd.

We are drowning in snot at our house. Natalie has had a series of colds for the past month. Just as one cold starts easing up, another one starts. I stayed up too late last night doing our taxes. Of course, I had no clue that I was going to end up being awake most of the night with her because she couldn’t breathe, yet again. Taxes and snot. Great fun.

Sammy has developed the really annoying habit of blowing his nose multiple times a day. The bad part? He doesn’t ask for a Kleenex first. There he goes again, rivers of snot running into his mouth, as he takes off running to hide from me and my Kleenex. I’m not really sure why he thinks that’s a fun game, but it sure will be fun to tell his girlfriends about some day.

*I overheard a former coworker say this once. She was a few glowing M&M’s short of a bright cookie herself.

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