Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Did you know about Google SMS? I just discovered this, and it's a great thing if you don't have internet on your cell phone. It's a free service, and only costs whatever your carrier charges you for text messages. Want to locate an Applebee's in the Minneapolis area? Just text "Applebee's Minneapolis" to GOOGLE (466453) and you'll get a text message with the addresses and phone numbers of the Applebee's in the vicinity. After using the service a few times, it even sets your home location so you can avoid typing your city every time you do a query. (I think there's a way to manually set your location, too.)

Isn't technology great?

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C. Beth said...

Hey, that's totally nifty and so much better than the (roughly) $29 my cell company charges when I call Information (only to be told they can't find whatever entry I've asked for.)