Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Fall!

I recently read an article that began with a sentence similar to this one: "It's not difficult to take care of young children; what's difficult is trying to do anything else while taking care of young children." So true. I find that I get too frustrated trying to accomplish anything that takes longer than 2 minutes, while the kids are around.
But! It was beautiful here on Wednesday, and since it was 24 degrees on Tuesday morning, I wanted to take advantage of this last gasp of warm fall weather before winter arrives next week. When we got home that day, I decided to try to rake leaves. Amazingly - I managed to work for 3 hours and got the whole front yard done!

While I raked, first the kids played in the hammock swing:

Soon, that led to one sleeping baby...
and in the meantime Sammy found the book bag in the car, and read stories to me.

While I did this!
Holy Productivity, Batman! It was one of those moments where I felt like I had it all together. Not surprisingly, I was brought back to reality yesterday. Natalie is cutting two molars and fussed at me all day yesterday, so I barely managed to scrape together dinner last night. And when I got home from work yesterday, the lawn was covered with a new layer of fallen leaves. Oh well, it was a good feeling while it lasted.


C. Beth said...

I so relate to feeling like everything takes forever. But, WOW, great job on those leaves! Love the sweet sleeping Natalie pic.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sammy and Natalie are getting along. :) Those are great pics of the two of them and the ones of them by themselves.

So even though raking all those leaves were time consuming and hardwork- you really lucked out with some great memories of the little ones! You can't beat that, even if more leaves came tumbling down. As for making dinner- don't even get me started and I only have 1 child!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I hope Natalie's teeth aren't giving her too much trouble!

Becky said...

Yes - I should update about Sammy & Natalie in a future post. They are getting along soooo well lately, and I have to believe it's due in part to that book about sibling rivalry I mentioned awhile back. Isn't dinnertime the worst? No wonder they call it the witching hour. And Natalie with her teeth...let's just say I haven't gotten 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep in well over a week. Ugh.