Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feeding the Baby

Natalie got a few dolls for her birthday, and surprisingly, Sam has been playing with them every so often. He's especially interested in the one that drinks her bottle, then wets her diaper.

Last night, I was cooking supper when he came into the kitchen clutching that doll. He said, "I'm feeding the baby!" and I said "mm-hmm" absentmindedly, without even looking. Then I finally looked up and, rather than seeing Sam feeding her a bottle, he was proudly nursing the baby.

I'm glad he still sees mama's milk as the natural way of things, in spite of Natalie being exclusively bottle-fed for the past four months.


C. Beth said...

That is so cool. I've heard of kids doing that, but Ana doesn't nurse her babies! Shocking considering I nursed her for almost a year and a half and she sees me nurse Eli daily. She used to ask me to nurse her dolls or stuffed animals, while I was nursing her. And now she feeds bottles to her baby dolls and animals. But no nursing. I wish she would; it would be so cute!

mommyslittleblog said...

This is so cool. I wonder if Garrett will be the same way. I think it speaks volumes on the nurturing side of males, too! :)