Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinner Conversations

Yesterday at the supper table, I had my first s-e-x talk with Sammy.  After a discussion about belly buttons and umbilical cords, he brought up one of Grandma's ponies, the one who's expecting a baby this spring.  "How will that baby come out?" he wondered aloud.  I explained in rudimentary terms, but I could see the gears turning in his head so I knew that wasn't the end of it.  I was expecting the "How did that baby get in there?" question, but he threw me a softball question: "Do I have a baby in my tummy?"  And then a few minutes later, "What are nipples for?"

This seems to be the topic of the week, because we went to the zoo on Saturday and were treated to an X-rated show by the lions.   Surprisingly, even though Sammy watched intently, there were no questions asked.  This time, anyway.


Colleen said...

We were just at the zoo on Thursday, and you can really tell spring is in the air! The giraffes and the turtles were getting a little frisky too. Sammy sure does connect the dots quick though - keeps you on your toes, right? Miss ya.

Becky said...

That's too funny! I suppose it is the time of the year for all that. Miss you, too! We'll have to plan another playdate soon, when it gets nice outside.

C. Beth said...

Chickie's definitely been more curious too. I know it's good to teach her real terms and to talk frankly, but I have to say it's still odd to me to hear her talking about having a "bagina."