Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Manifestation of Spring Fever

While I was trying to upload this picture, Natalie came into the office and demanded "Up".  Her bottom seemed awfully warm & squishy, but I didn't smell anything.  I stuck my finger in the back of her waistband and pulled it out to check the contents, a maneuver well-known to all parents, and was surprised by sticking my finger into a pile of goo that had worked its way all the way up to the top of her diaper.

I slung her over my other arm and kept my icky finger well away from the rest of my body.  As I rushed through the door of the kids' room, I managed to bang Natalie's head on the doorframe.  I had no choice but to let her wail as I apologized over and over again, trying to clean my finger and keep the contents of her diaper from getting all over the bed.

So then.  Now that I've grossed you all out, would you like a frog cupcake to celebrate spring (which I'm told is right around the corner, although the temperature barely cracked zero degrees today)?

1 comment:

C. Beth said...

Oh, I totally did the same thing with Zoodle's diaper yesterday! (Or was it Chickie's Pull-Up? Lots of poop around here....)

Cute cupcakes!