Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day Off

Today was a work holiday, but not a daycare holiday.  So I did something I haven't had a chance to do in ages, and I sent the kids to daycare while I stayed home.  It was a glorious five hours.  I got my house cleaned, wrote out thank-you notes for Sammy's birthday, and even had an hour to relax and finish up the scarf I'm knitting for Natalie.

Then I went to pick the kids up from daycare.  I was sitting at a yield sign waiting to turn right,  and I saw a cop car making a turn into my lane, so I waited for him.  The next time I looked up, another car had come out of nowhere and smashed into the front end of the cop car.  The cop car careened into the northbound lane of traffic and hit a vehicle that was waiting at the stop sign, and the car that had hit the police car was headed straight for the front end of my van at a very fast clip.  I had no time to back up, so all I could do was brace myself for the airbag explosion that was about to come. never came.  Somehow, the car missed my front bumper by mere inches and took out the yield sign that had been at my right front bumper.  Later, I saw the yield sign 25 feet away, in the parking lot of the gas station at that corner.  Wow.  Obviously, I had an angel looking over my shoulder today.  

I wasn't even that annoyed about having to stand outside in the cold for 30 minutes, waiting for the state troopers to arrive so I could give my statement (I assume because a local cop car was involved, the local police couldn't handle the investigation themselves).  I was just so grateful to be unharmed.  

You know, I'm thinking today might be a good day to try skydiving or bungee-jumping.  Obviously, my card isn't up yet, so this is the time to try something dangerous - right?  Maybe not.  I think I'm going to stay home and count my blessings.

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