Monday, December 8, 2008

The Blue Dress

Natalie has a closetful of beautiful dresses, as most little girls do. Ron, who dresses the kids in the morning and drops them off at daycare, chooses to dress her in practical jeans and tops during the week. So, on the weekends when I choose her clothing, I usually put her in a dress.

Yesterday, I chose a beautiful deep blue velvet dress for her, and as she walked through the living room afterwards, I exclaimed over how beautiful she looked. Sammy, who was sitting on the couch watching TV, hardly glanced up as he commented, "She looks like a big blueberry."

Are boys are just born to say things like that? I think have my work cut out for me, to mold him into a caring, supportive man.


C. Beth said...

HA!! Clever little guy.

I have to say, I saw the title, and what came to mind is a certain blue dress worn by a certain White House aide (or page, or whatever she was.) Sad that I've been so brainwashed by all the media attention given to that blue dress, eh?

C. Beth said...

Oh, and--yes--I'd love to make you a header/favicon. It may be awhile as I already have quite a list going. E-mail me at cbethblog(at)gmail(dot)com to let me know what you're thinking!

Becky said...

I never even thought about THAT blue dress! LOL! I'll send you an email about the header - thanks! And no rush, because I've been meaning to do that for months. Another couple of months won't make any difference. :-)