Sunday, December 14, 2008


You know it's cold when:
1) Your car door is frozen shut, even after being inside the attached garage all night.
2) The car isn't even starting to get warm after you finally arrive at the bus stop, 30 minutes after leaving your house. It normally only takes 10 minutes to drive to the bus stop. A day of rain followed by plummeting temperatures, topped with another inch of snow, makes for very treacherous roads.
3) Your feet are so numb by the time you get off the bus, that you have a hard time maintaining your balance on the three blocks over icy sidewalks before you finally arrive at your place of employment.

Replace the word "your" with the word "my" in the above sentences, and you have an idea of what my day has been like so far.

By the way, the preschool Christmas program? Was a bust. Sammy left the stage almost immediately and spent most of the time hanging out by me. In case you were wondering.


We decided to buy ourselves a new camera for Christmas. It was badly needed, since both of our cameras have been broken for the past couple of months, and I was making do with a cruddy little camera phone. When I took the memory card out of our old camera, I found some pictures of happier warmer times.

Bet you didn't think you'd see pumpkin patch pictures in December, did you? Just wait until March when I post my Christmas pictures.

Our weekend in pictures:

Mother's little helpers, assisting with gingerbread preparation.

The assembled gingerbread houses, before the exterior work had been completed. Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the finished products? They were beautiful. Not to mention delicious.

Craft time.

Who knew laundry baskets could be such fun?

Sumo baby shows her signature move.

Recreating a scene from Animal House?

Exhibit A. See that awful white stuff out the window behind me? What you can't see is the -8 temperature on the thermometer.


Special K said...

I so hear you! Not sure where you are, but I'm in the Chicago area and I guess the commute was 3 hours from airport to downtown- normally around 30 minutes?

Tabitha said...

Cute pics.. I love the laundry basket distractions! My girls love them too!

Becky said...

Special K - I'm in the Minneapolis area, so I think our weather is usually pretty similar to yours. At least this morning it was above zero, although I could do without the wind. Ugh.

Tabitha - thanks! Sometimes I wonder why the kids even have toys. They can be entertained for hours with laundry baskets or empty cardboard boxes.