Thursday, March 6, 2008

You Might Not Want to Eat While Reading This One

Gross item #1: While eating supper last night, Ron and I were talking about something. As usual, Sammy started talking about something, and I ignored him at first. Slowly, what he was saying started to seep into my consciousness. “I got cake! I got cake!”

I was puzzled for a few seconds, then I realized where he had just come from. The laundry room. Where the garbage is located. Where I had just thrown out the remnants of a two-week-old chocolate cake. Eww.

Gross item #2: Last night was bath night. I took Natalie into the bathroom to start running the water, and sent Sam to his room to take his pants off. He’s not too good at taking his shirt off yet (his arm always comes out the neck hole), but he can take his pants off like a pro. I walk into the bedroom to see this scene: Sammy, naked from the waist down, crouching over his diaper and staring with intense interest at its contents. I had a sinking feeling and knew what I was going to find. “Were you poopy?” I said with hesitation. “A wittle bit,” he said nonchalantly.

Yep, that was fun to clean up.

The moral of these stories? Toddlers don’t devote a lot of time to worrying about hygiene.

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