Monday, March 17, 2008

Sorry for the dearth of posts last week. Same old story – too much to do, too little time in which to do it.

Last week, we went to an indoor park with Colleen and her son, Joey. I’m going to try to post those pictures later, when I get home. I haven't forgotten, Colleen!

For now, just a funny story. Our refrigerator door has started sticking – I think, because it’s sagging a little bit. Now that it’s sticking, it’s very difficult for Sammy to get open. Not that he’s supposed to be in there anyway, but we cannot keep him out of it. We bought one of those refrigerator locks, and it lasted less than 24 hours before he managed to break it. We should hire him out to be a tester for those companies that make child-proofing products. He’s managed to break or outsmart virtually every child-proofing item we’ve bought, including but not limited to: gates, cabinet locks, and doorknob covers. Either he’s going to be a safecracker or a spy. Hopefully he puts his talents towards good instead of evil.

But I digress. Now that the door has started sticking, I thought, good! Finally a way to keep him out of the refrigerator! But no. This morning, he wanted some milk and didn’t want to wait the two minutes it would take for me to finish up what I was doing. I walked into the kitchen to see him sitting on the floor in front of the door with his feet slid underneath the door and braced on the body of the refrigerator, while he held the door and leaned back with all of his weight. And he got that sucker open.

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