Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natalie has had a big week. A few days ago, she learned how to clap her hands. Last night, she learned the "How Big Is Baby? SO BIG!" game. These go quite well together. I say, "How big is baby?" and she raises her hands while I say, "SO BIG!" and then she claps for herself. I wanted to record it, but by the time we found the camcorder, that game was old news.

She had to have her 6-month shots yesterday. They were delayed at her regular well-baby visit because of her double ear infections. Did you know, there's a shortage of the HIB vaccine right now? So they're giving it to the 2- and 4-month-olds, but delaying the 6-month-olds. On the one hand, that's annoying because it means a separate trip in to the office when they get it in stock. On the other hand, I'm grateful because I'm suspicious about loading all those vaccines in a baby's body all in one shot (pun intended). I'm a very reluctant vaccinator in the first place. I know vaccines save lives, but I hate putting foreign substances with questionable safety records into my childrens' bodies. That's a vent for another day, though.

And then, the REALLY big news, is we finally found something Natalie will eat! She loves bananas. Up until now, everything we've given her (oatmeal, pears, and peas) has resulted in the Mr. Yuck face and/or gagging. Like this:

I've been telling her, ever since we started trying to spoon-feed her, that I was cutting her off by the time she started kindergarten. I am not willing to drive to school every day to be the milk part of her milk & cookie break. Looks like that won't be an issue anymore.

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