Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quite a Workout

Monday night, Sam had his preschool screening.  I had no idea they do it so early now, but it makes sense, I guess - better to catch any potential problems as early as you can.  He passed, so he's ready to start kindergarten in the fall of 2011.  Me?  I'm not so ready.  But since it's still two years away, I can live in denial for a bit longer.
The first screener asked him about 50 questions, ranging from "what color is this block?" to "complete this pattern".  At his age, he only had to answer 11 questions correctly.  I didn't find that out until the screening was over, so when questions came up that I hadn't even thought of teaching him, I knew he was going to fail the test and not be able to start kindergarten until he was 10 years old, and it was ALL MY FAULT.  Patterns?  It's never even crossed my mind to teach him that concept.  But he got 29 questions right, so he passed without a problem.  Thank goodness.  I'm counting on him to support me in my old age.
Then they did hearing and vision screening, which he also passed.  When we were done, and waiting to speak to the nurse to review all the results, Sam plopped down into his chair and said, "Whew!  That was a lot of hard work.  I'm very sweaty from all that hard work!"
No one said building mental muscles was easy!


Special K said...

So cute- yeah he passed! I was all over testing Logan. The question he didn't know that made me think "I'm a bad mom" was "Put his 'under' the chair." There were a few command words that he didn't get and I totally felt your pain! I'm a bad mom though, I didn't even test Sylvie and the next one is in September. By then she'll be in school already, so any problems and I can test her then. Duh!

Becky said...

Special K - Sam got "under" wrong, too! And that's one I would have guessed that he knew.

From reading your posts, I don't even think Sylvie needs to be screened - I'm pretty sure she'd pass without a problem. I love reading about the things she & Logan come up with!