Monday, February 2, 2009


Friday was a rough day. It was the last day of work for my coworkers who were laid off, and it was the last day of daycare for my kids (for awhile).

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but Ron lost his temp job back in November. It was supposed to be a long-term assignment, and turned out only to be 6 weeks. Whoopty-doo. Ever since, he's been looking around and not finding anything. After talking with the awesome director/owner of our daycare center, we found out that we could pay an $80 holding spot to take our kids out of daycare for two months. No-brainer there, since we can easily use that $190 a week on something else right food or electricity. So, today is Ron's first day home alone with the kids.

It was really, really hard taking the kids out of daycare, even though I know they'll probably be back within a couple of months. Sammy was sad to leave all of his friends, although I don't think Natalie will care as much - she just transferred to the toddler room, so hasn't had much chance to make friends there yet. Sammy had been doing so good with potty-training, in no small part thank to daycare and the peer pressure of his already-trained and nearly-trained friends there. And he was learning so much - like the day of the inauguration, when he came home and announced that we had a new president, and his name was Barackan Obama (sic). Or Friday, when he told us that there was only one day left of January, and then it was February. Not that I can't teach him these things myself - and I think I do teach him a lot - but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had the president conversation with him yet. I guess I wouldn't have thought he'd be old enough to understand or care.

So, allow me this moment of self-pity. I'm not good with change, and to have so much of it in one day is overwhelming.


C. Beth said...

Wow, that is a lot of change, and difficult change at that. :( I hope the transition goes well on all fronts, and that you start hearing from laid-off coworkers who have found great jobs.

Special K said...

Oh gosh, my heart is aching for your family. Even though dad gets quality time with the kiddos, anything that is a change not by choice is a shocker.

On an inspiring note, my friend's husband did temp work for years for Microsoft and now has a real job there, so sometimes it DOES work out:)

Sylvie missed one week at my inlaws gym daycare and couldn't stop talking about the "amigos" she missed because she was sick. Today she was giddy seeing them again.