Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Part II: The Evil Within

We own a copy of the children's classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in which the caterpillar eats his way through all sorts of food items, including swiss cheese, cherry pie, and a pickle. He ends up with a tummyache, eats a big green leaf, and feels much better.

In real life, I have only ever seen caterpillars eat leaves. Until last night.

I was outside with Natalie, picking up the yard after our family squirt gun fight earlier in the afternoon. I heard a frantic wing-flapping in the grass, and saw a dragonfly struggling. As I parted the grass to see what he was caught on, I saw that a caterpillar had wrapped itself around the dragonfly's body and was attempting to eat the dragonfly. As I came to realize what horror was going on in front of my eyes, the dragonfly stopped struggling. I think I will be scarred for life over witnessing that scene. I know, circle of life and all that, but I prefer not to witness a predator killing his prey.

But, seriously. Caterpillars eat dragonflies? What the...? I've always thought of caterpillars as benign creatures, not dragonfly killers.

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Carol Beth said...

Ew! I thought caterpillars ate LEAVES, not dragonflies!! Poor dragonfly!